You can’t develop your own version of the ideal BeyondEnough life just by reading about what other people are doing – you have to jump in and read and ponder and actually do some things yourself. Here are four examples of the kind of exercises my mentoring clients do in their discovery process.

You are welcome to print these out, use them yourself, and share with friends and clients. I only ask that, to keep your karma positive, you leave in the fact that I created these. Thank you, and I welcome any feedback on how you found these questions helpful, or suggestions for improvement. Happy pondering!

Celebrating My Work Life

GearWithMen133x126It may seem strange to include looking backward at your professional or child-rearing/care-giving life as part of planning for a fulfilling BE life. I’ve found that capturing the best parts of your working years is not only rewarding in its own right, it may well provide you with some kernels of wisdom as far as what you DO and do NOT want to include in the next stage of your life.

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My Retirement Stories

ManThroughOpening133x126OK, now you can look to the present – what do you consider a successful retirement life? A failure? If you are like me, you may well have picked up some attitudes and stereotypes that simply don’t serve the person you are today, or the person you want to be. These questions will help you uncover biases you may not be aware you have.

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HeadwithPuzzlePieces133x126Unlike Strengths, your Values will change over your lifetime. That’s why doing the following exercise can be a great step in your move to an ideal retirement life. You may have sought Recognition and Wealth during your working years. Now, having achieved them, other things may move to the top of your list.

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Attitude Test

FemaleThroughOpening133x126When you were in high school and college, and major decisions of what to DO with your life lay ahead, you may have taken an aptitude test. These listed numerous possible careers, from astronaut to zookeeper, and asked you to fill in a bubble indicating how you felt about each one. At the end of the process, so the theory went, your perfect career would be magically revealed. Here is something similar I’ve developed that I call an attitude test. Completing it will give you insight into what kind of volunteer opportunities or encore careers might be a good fit for you.

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