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There are numerous websites that feature inspirational interviews with retirees. These often seem to focus on: how to save money for retirement; a revolving list of “The Ten Best Places to Retire”, or people who have always known where their post-career passion lies and they have been chomping at the bit to jump in and get going the day after they retire.

My goals for these Beyond Enough interviews is to fill in what I see as a missing link: describing the inner experience of becoming a retired person. Surely I am not the only one who has ever felt adrift, wondering if I will have regrets on my deathbed about roads not taken, or gifts unused. How have other people dealt with striking the balance between structure and flexibility; self and others; obligation and freedom? My hope is that you are reassured, encouraged and inspired by others who are walking the same walk we are.

There’s no reason for me to be the only one having the fun of asking other people how they have managed this transition. Here is the list of questions I send interviewees before we talk: single; couples. Please feel free to use them for self-reflection, and discussions with friends and loved ones. I’d love to hear about any insights you get, or additional questions you find fruitful.
Happy pondering!

QuoteLeft I recently tried several of Nancy’s “Early Retirement” Interview questions on some friends who are newly retired. THEY LOVED IT! After chatting about a half hour, I asked if they wanted to continue or if they felt talked out. ‘Oh, no . . . this is fun,’ the wife commented. ‘This is really great, because I never knew how my husband felt about some of these things we’re talking about now. And it’s good to hear myself say what I’m saying. Sort of clarifies things for me.”

– Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D.,CFP®, CFT ™


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