What does Beyond Enough mean?

Enough means sufficient money, however you define that. Enough that the need to earn, save and invest money “for tomorrow” is past – you can focus on enjoying today without worry. In financial planning we like to say everything is individual, but your Enough amount is the most personal of all. For some, a Social Security check will do it; for others, it might be millions of dollars in conservative investments. Your Enough depends on: what you want to spend money on; your likely lifespan (and that of your spouse or life partner); and the financial help you want or need to give family members or charities.

Beyond refers to the days and years of your life after you have Enough. How will you use and enjoy your remaining time, money and energy? In our culture, we often focus on the date of retirement as our goal. What lies Beyond is a rosy-colored, mysterious time filled with lazy mornings, good times with friends and family, and time for hobbies, projects and causes that had to wait on the sidelines while we worked, commuted and did whatever it took to keep our busy lives going. Many people discover that an endless stretch of unstructured time, with few responsibilities, is not the paradise they imagined Beyond to be.

My mission is to change the way we think about retirement. This includes people who are still working and looking ahead, as well as those who are already in the BeyondEnough stage of life. Life in retirement can be a time of continued growth, contribution and connections, as well as relaxation and just plain old fun. I’d love to mentor you as you discover your personal definition of a successful retirement.

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